SiMPore is developing products based on its silicon nanomembranes for biomedical applications including:


Nanomembranes capture fluorescently labeled exosomes with high sensitivity (Main image: 40X epifluorescence, Inset: SEM enhancement of a single fluorescent EV cluster)

SiMPore’s Nanoporous Membrane Chips feature pore sizes (average ~50 nm diameter) that are on the same scale as extracellular vesicles (EVs), so can efficiently capture EVs from biofluids. Microslit Membrane Chips also provide efficient removal of matrix factors for biofluid sample preparation. Both options are available in SiMPore’s SepCon® Spin Columns.


Debris was captured directly from 50 mL tap water filtered by SiMPore’s Microslit Membranes with 8 µm wide cut-off. As the debris concentrates onto the Membrane (image shows ~1/9 of total surface area), particulates such as fibers, beads, and silicates are planarized for easy microscopic interrogation. Image credit: Greg Madejski, Parverio Inc.

SiMPore’s Microslit Membrane Chips are being used by local water authorities, governmental regulators, and academic researchers for simplified capture-and-analysis of environmental microplastics. Since Microslit Membrane Chips are silicon-based, they offer a “plastic-free” background for imaging that is compatible with fluorescence, Raman, and infrared microscopy.


SiMPore Silicon Nitride and Oxide membranes demonstrate superior imaging, porosity, and permeability properties to support an array of cell culture applications. Membrane Characteristics. 1 - Data are for membranes from commercial inserts. 2 - See ‘Poor’ example above. 3 - Pores may be visible at high magnification. 4 - See ‘Glass-like’ example above. 5 - Small molecule permeability calculated based on measurements and analysis in Kim et al., Journal of American Chemical Society, 130: 4230-4231.

SiMPore’s Nanoporous and Microporous Membrane Chips are enabling a range of live mammalian cell imaging models, as well as specialized assays with unique capabilities offering exceptional imaging properties in both phase (top) and epifluorescences (bottom) modalities.


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